Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Typically Abortion was Used as "Birth Control"

Of course, this disgusting admission will be treated as something to be "celebrated" she's a liberal, pro-choice, supporter and after all...but she's now "found God"...sigh...

Of course, no mention of a new found personal responsibility is mentioned and she makes complete excuses for her bad my opinion, she should be in prison for murder instead of being celebrated as some stupid nitwit television host!

'View' Host Sherri Shepherd: 'I Had More Abortions Than I Would Like to Count'

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"The View" co-host Sherri Shepherd had a low point in her life when she was "sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count," she told Precious Times.

Shepherd, 41, also told the black Christian women's magazine that "my sister was heavy into drugs, and we would have to go and get her from crack houses. I felt if someone killed me, it wouldn't even make a difference."

It wasn't until converting to Christianity that the talk show host found her way.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What a HORRIBLE Headline...sigh...

And even worse its a horrible and disgusting story, to think we simply "manufacture" babies. Let's attemptto make "perfect" babies, who, of course, will not "interupt" or "affect" the mother in ANY WAY...heaven forbid she actually have to deal with being pregnant!! Soon, they will just grow them in jars and let you pick and choose based on color, size, gender, etc.....disgusting!

These doctors and those in society who support false science like this just keep trying to play God, deciding who can live and who can't, all the while telling us that "life" is nothing more than a WOMAN'S CHOICE!

Frozen embryos better than fresh, study shows
By Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent, in Barcelona
Last Updated: 4:27PM BST 08/07/2008

Using frozen instead of fresh embryos produces healthier babies, a new study shows.

Infants born from embryos which were frozen and then thawed before being implanted into a woman had a higher birth weight and were less likely to suffer abnormalities.

Fewer of the children were also twins or triplets.

Multiple births are known to increase the risk of complications as well as the danger to the mother.

More than 1,200 children born between 1995 and 2006 after frozen embryo replacement (FER) were studied and compared to 17,857 children born from "fresh" embryos.

Freezing embryos allows couples to have several In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment cycles from the same egg collection, reducing the number of times that the ovaries are stimulated.
The eggs are placed in the womb three to five days after ovulation in exactly the same way as fresh embryos.

Multiple births accounted for 27.3 per cent of children born from fresh embryos, compared with 14.2 per cent when frozen embryos were used.

Babies from frozen embryos were on average 200 grams heavier on birth than those from fresh embryos, the findings presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (Eshre) in Barcelona.

The proportion of low birth weight and pre-term FER children was significantly lower.

Dr Anja Pinborg, from the Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet, who led the study, said: "Most encouragingly, we found no increased risk of congenital malformations in the FER group; the rate in this group was 7.1 per cent compared to 8.8 per cent where fresh embryos had been used.

"We think the reason for the differences is probably positive selection of the embryos for frozen embryo replacement.

"Only the very top quality embryos survive the freezing and thawing process."

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Abortionists...think you can "change their hearts and minds?"

These are the attrocities being committed by you really think that we can change their hearts and minds? These "men" are committing disgusting acts against humanity, without guilt or remorse. They are vile and nasty in their tactics, not to mention in the "upkeep" of their own practices...and if you think that all we have to do to stop abortion is shut down the 744 abortion clinics in the US...guess again...because as these articles demonstrate, it is PRIVATE practices in which MOST abortions take place!

KY abortionist charged with fraud and ‘gross negligence’ told screaming patient to ‘shut up’

Lexington, Jun 21, 2008 / 09:07 pm

(CNA).- A Kentucky abortionist has had his medical license suspended and is now under scrutiny for allegedly running a gruesome abortion clinic in Lexington where he committed Medicare fraud and put patients at risk in unsanitary, painful and possibly illegal abortions.

WHAS 11 reports that Dr. Hamid Sheikh has been indicted for allegedly billing Medicare for abortions he performed. The Attorney General’s fraud probe led the medical board to investigate further, leading to more allegations from the Kentucky medical licensure board.

A consultant for the board has concluded the abortionist committed “gross negligence” and “put his patients at risk.”

Dr. Sheikh denies the allegations.

Seven former patients have told investigators that the doctor did not perform ultrasounds to see if they were pregnant. Most claim they did not receive pain pills or anesthetics during procedures. Several reported dirty gowns, one reported blood on medical equipment, and another said Dr. Sheikh tried to perform a vaginal exam without a cover on the wand.

“There are some allegations in the medical board’s complaint that we didn’t feel comfortable describing,” WHAS 11 says in its report.

According to WHAS 11, a 17-year-old patient reported unbearable pain under the doctor’s care, while another woman alleges that Sheikh told her to “shut up” so women in the waiting room wouldn’t hear her screaming.

State investigators examined the records of 22 patients of Sheikh, finding that eight apparently did not wait the required 24 hours before their abortions. The clinic still stocked outdated medications and bio-hazardous materials from abortions had not been removed from the clinic in 12 weeks.

One Kentucky senator said that the problems might have been discovered sooner if Kentucky required inspections of offices that provide abortion services.

Dr. Sheikh says that he has served as a doctor for 33 years and has had no complaints until last year. He claimed that the state investigator was biased against him and in a written response to the medical licensure board he denies all the allegations against him.

Sheikh said he personally sterilizes his instruments and observes the 24-hour waiting period for an abortion. He asserted that those complaining about his work had a low threshold for pain or were upset they did not get any cash back.

The abortionist told a WHAS 11 reporter that he retired earlier in June.

“The horrific conditions discovered at Sheikh's mill are not the exception; they are what we have come to expect from America's failing abortion industry," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman in a press release.

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Oh but wait...there's MORE:

Abortion Practitioner Accused of Killing Baby Born Alive After Botched Abortion

by Steven Ertelt EditorJune 24, 2008

Wichita, KS ( -- An abortion practitioner in Kansas stands accused of killing a baby who apparently was born alive following a failed abortion procedure. Officials with the pro-life group Operation Rescue alerted to the situation and said it involves infamous late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller.

Tiller runs the Women's Health Care Services abortion center in Wichita, Kansas and often employs other abortion practitioners there on a part-time basis.

The incident saw Shelley Sella, a California abortion practitioner sometimes employed by Tiller, intentionally stab to death an infant born alive during an abortion.

In this case, former Tiller employee Tina Davis told OR staff that the incident took place sometime in the last two years. Davis informed the pro-life group of the baby's horrific death in April and the organization reported it to the Wichita Police Department.

The pro-life group also notified the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, which has confirmed that the case has been assigned to an investigator.

Sella reportedly splits her time with Tiller's abortion center, one in California, and smaller abortion centers across the country.

"Davis gave us a very specific eyewitness account about the incident," Operation Rescue president Troy Newman told

"We were told that the baby was 35 weeks gestation at the time of the abortion. The baby came out and was moving," he continued. "Sella looked up at Ms. Davis, then picked up a utensil and stabbed the baby in the left ribcage, twisting the utensil until the baby quit moving."

Newman said he hopes officials will investigate the incident as a murder case.

"At 35 weeks, there is no doubt about viability. This is murder in anybody's book," he said.

However, Newman acknowledged officials would have a tough time since the baby's body would have been incinerated at Tiller's on-site crematorium.

"Without a body, any murder case becomes more difficult," said Newman. "However, because of the brutality of this murder and the gravity of this charge, we are compelled to demand that Tiller's clinic be closed by the state until a full inspection and investigation can take place."

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Michigan abortion ban vetoed, new bill on deck
By Chris Jackett

Despite successfully passing through both the Republican-controlled Senate and Democrat-controlled House, Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-Lansing) vetoed a bill banning partial-birth abortion last Friday.

"I think the governor's veto was extremely unrealistic and economical with the truth," said Sen. Nancy Cassis (R-Novi), who co-sponsored the bill. "The title of this is to stop the killing of the children who are partially born. I don't think there are any more horrendous acts of murder than this being done. I don't believe in killing children when that child is fully formed and ready to be alive. It's murder, pure and simple. It's murder. The governor has gone along with contributing to the murder of children. This would have safeguarded the life of the mother and life of the child."

Senate Bill 776 was approved 24-13 Jan. 22 by Senate leaders and 74-32 May 27 by the House before it was vetoed June 13.

"I will not support a late-term abortion ban that fails to protect both the life and health of mothers," Granholm said in a statement to Senate leaders. "Medical professionals oppose this legislation because it does not contain valid exception for the health of the mother. They believe that medical decisions of this nature should be made by women and their doctors, not politicians. I agree."

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From Bill No. 776:
4) It is not a violation of subsection (3) if in the physician's reasonable medical judgment a partial-birth abortion is necessary to save the life of a mother whose life is endangered by a physical disorder, physical illness, or physical injury.

Her issue is that the life and "health" of the mother is at risk. Well as we all know from going thorugh this nonsense before, is that the "health" of the mother can mean 100 things. To the Libs, health can mean being poor or not continuing college. This is BS lawyer talk, and she knows it.

So this bitch is willing to allow a late term, third trimester baby, a baby mind you, NOT a fetus, to be murdered?!?!

For those of you who may not know what it is, exactly what we are dealing with:

THIS is what Mrs. Hitler wants to allow when she vetoed this bill. What POS!

Here is Mrs. Hitler:

Go to hell, Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-Lansing), go to hell.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pro-Choice is Pro-Murder

Pro-choicers make a distinction between supporting abortion and supporting life. They actually take the issues out of the controversy. Many, in fact most, of them say: "I am against abortion and I would never have one, but I would never get in the way of someone who wants one." So essentially we have a third party; we have the pro-lifers, pro-abortionists, (pro-murderers) and the pro-choicers. As mentioned above, the pro-choicers generally support life 50% and 50% support murder, if a woman so chooses. In other words, they believe in and support a woman's "right" to kill her offspring if she so chooses. Being "pro-choice" is politically correct and sounds much better than saying "pro-abortion"...but its totally misleading and absolutely false!

Note, pro-choicers also make this entire issue only about the woman. They are so concerned with a woman's "right" to live as they please, they don't believe in women having to face or deal with any consequences for their own actions. Their position is that the quality of life is much more important then life itself. The whole premise that they support "choice" for women is absurd...because in fact, they actually support the murder of the innocent, but they hide behind the "choice" in order to be perceived as "compassionate" to women. Essentially, most of them are simply pro-abortion supporters who happen to have no real courage to admit their true thoughts and position on the matter.

Why is that? Because they know that if they actually came out and said that they believe that killing the most vulnerable among us is absolutely acceptable, they would be viewed as heartless, cruel and evil. So again, they hide behind the "choice" argument.Now let's assume for a minute, that their position is truthful. Basically they are picking both sides of the controversy; trying to play in the middle of the road without getting run over!

We have heard them say things such as: "I hate abortion; I would never have one...if I could make it so the baby was not killed, I would do so. But I will not interfere with a woman who wants to have an abortion." So they openly admit that abortion is killing, yet they support it as long as it is not them. Well, isn't that supporting abortion then? And isn't it much like saying, "I hate rapists and I would never rape anyone, but I won't interfere with someone who wants to rape another"?They attempt to justify their position by stating such things as: "We can't legislate morality!"

What they really mean is that we cannot ban or restrict the killing of a live fetus; That we cannot force men and women to accept personal responsibility and accountability. But we can legislate morality through the institution of laws against rape, murder, incest, drug use, affirmative action, social welfare, and wealth redistribution, "living wage" laws, hate crime laws, political correctness, and the treatment of enemy combatants. When ever the topic of legislating morality comes up, the above never gets mentioned. This is because, for the most part, they agree with those laws and support preventing others from "breaking" them. They consider that having laws against issues, such as those mentioned above, is the "right" thing to do.

However, when it comes to abortion, it is convenient for them to say things like we are trying to "legislate morality". Ultimately their position is intellectually hypocritical, absolutely false and should be fought against adamantly, consistently and aggressively!
The Pro Life Movement is Dead

I was born 35 years ago today. Roe v. Wade and I are the same age. Fortunately, the year abortion became legal; my mother chose to give birth to me, though it was her "right" to have me ripped to pieces. I thank her for not doing so. Since the year of my birth, 40 million lives have been extinguished. When I was one year old, 700,000 babies were destroyed. By the time I was eating whole foods, over 2 million lives were ended. Now as I am writing this, legalized abortion has taken the same number of lives as the number civilians that were killed in World War II.

35 years have passed and the politicians, who "supported" us, and the pro-life movement, have gained an inch in ten miles. In 35 years, we have the Partial Birth Abortion Ban of 2003. What a massive accomplishment. At this rate, perhaps by Roe's 100th anniversary, we may be able to ban the atrocity of abortion completely!

The Freedom of Choice Act is a bill that will codify Roe. The purpose of this bill is to ban ANY state legislature from passing a law banning abortion. The bill currently is locked in committee awaiting Barack Obama's election as President.

If Obama is elected and signs this bill, it would mean that the Pro Life movement is officially rendered obsolete, from a legal perspective.

However, as far as we are concerned, the Pro Life movement is dead already. Congress need not sign any more bills. The PLM is weak, lazy, complacent, and incompetent. Our belief that we are superior in our tactics, compared to those on the left, the pro choice crowd, is our downfall. We feel that expressing our anger in public, is beneath us as an organization. We have not adequately conveyed the true horrors of abortion to the public.

While the liberal left is telling young women about the acceptance of the "choice" to commit murder of their own, we sit back afraid to "offend" the youth with the truth. We have wasted time preaching to the choir and then patting ourselves on the back because we spent 2 hours on a Saturday standing outside of a Planned Parenthood QUIETLY showing our disapproval.

We get flipped off, yelled at, cursed at, spit on, and harassed, and we take it with a smile, believing that we can beat them with kindness. Well, we are wrong. The PLM has failed miserably. We have allowed over 40 million babies to be murdered...babies who had the potential to become anything! We may have allowed the execution of the baby who would have grown up to find the cure for cancer...or perhaps the baby who would have grown to become a great peace maker.

We lost the war in Vietnam because of expressed infuriation, defiant protests, and draft card burning. Radical Feminism was achieved because of burning bras, militant protests, and constant rage towards men. Gay marriage is just around the corner because of relentless demands and outrage in the name of "discrimination" and abortion was legalized because of militant feminism, selfishness, and expressed fury.

We are on borrowed time now. Obama has stated that he will immediately sign the Freedom of Choice Act. This is not an anti Obama post or a threat, this is a fact. This means that we have less than seven months left to act with anything meaningful. But are we willing to become more outraged? Are we willing to show our true disgust and fury over this practice? We have been hearing daily since the start of war in Iraq how many soldiers have sacrificed their lives, over 4000 at this point, yet...we sit back and allow the daily slaughter of over 4000 babies A DAY!

It's time to take some action, make some changes in our approach and truly demonstrate our disgust with this evil. "Changing hearts and minds" is no longer enough...we need to take to the streets with fury and anger, just as they did during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's! We are not calling for violence...we are simply calling for more intense protests, more anger, more outrage and more consistency. We need to make this our daily mission; not just something we march against every year one day in January. We need to demonstrate that we mean business, that this practice is no longer acceptable and that we indeed want this horror finally banned in All THE STATES for good!

~Leftistdestroyer, Neat62