Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pro-Choice is Pro-Murder

Pro-choicers make a distinction between supporting abortion and supporting life. They actually take the issues out of the controversy. Many, in fact most, of them say: "I am against abortion and I would never have one, but I would never get in the way of someone who wants one." So essentially we have a third party; we have the pro-lifers, pro-abortionists, (pro-murderers) and the pro-choicers. As mentioned above, the pro-choicers generally support life 50% and 50% support murder, if a woman so chooses. In other words, they believe in and support a woman's "right" to kill her offspring if she so chooses. Being "pro-choice" is politically correct and sounds much better than saying "pro-abortion"...but its totally misleading and absolutely false!

Note, pro-choicers also make this entire issue only about the woman. They are so concerned with a woman's "right" to live as they please, they don't believe in women having to face or deal with any consequences for their own actions. Their position is that the quality of life is much more important then life itself. The whole premise that they support "choice" for women is absurd...because in fact, they actually support the murder of the innocent, but they hide behind the "choice" in order to be perceived as "compassionate" to women. Essentially, most of them are simply pro-abortion supporters who happen to have no real courage to admit their true thoughts and position on the matter.

Why is that? Because they know that if they actually came out and said that they believe that killing the most vulnerable among us is absolutely acceptable, they would be viewed as heartless, cruel and evil. So again, they hide behind the "choice" argument.Now let's assume for a minute, that their position is truthful. Basically they are picking both sides of the controversy; trying to play in the middle of the road without getting run over!

We have heard them say things such as: "I hate abortion; I would never have one...if I could make it so the baby was not killed, I would do so. But I will not interfere with a woman who wants to have an abortion." So they openly admit that abortion is killing, yet they support it as long as it is not them. Well, isn't that supporting abortion then? And isn't it much like saying, "I hate rapists and I would never rape anyone, but I won't interfere with someone who wants to rape another"?They attempt to justify their position by stating such things as: "We can't legislate morality!"

What they really mean is that we cannot ban or restrict the killing of a live fetus; That we cannot force men and women to accept personal responsibility and accountability. But we can legislate morality through the institution of laws against rape, murder, incest, drug use, affirmative action, social welfare, and wealth redistribution, "living wage" laws, hate crime laws, political correctness, and the treatment of enemy combatants. When ever the topic of legislating morality comes up, the above never gets mentioned. This is because, for the most part, they agree with those laws and support preventing others from "breaking" them. They consider that having laws against issues, such as those mentioned above, is the "right" thing to do.

However, when it comes to abortion, it is convenient for them to say things like we are trying to "legislate morality". Ultimately their position is intellectually hypocritical, absolutely false and should be fought against adamantly, consistently and aggressively!

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